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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Current Formula (Continued)

o If "a11 pupils represented less than 20 percent of an LEAžs ADA, then
payment for "a" pupils was prorated from the LEAžs full entitlement.

o If "b11 pupils represented 20 percent or more of an LEA's average daily
attendance (ADA), then payment for "b" pupils was 50 percent of the LEA's

o If "b" pupils represented less than 20 percent of an LEA's ADA, then
payment for "b" pupils was prorated from the LEA's full entitlement.

o Payments based on "a!l and/or "b" children must have exceeded $5,000 in
order to be paid.

Restrictions on Funds: For those districts receiving Section 3 payments for
handicapped children of military personnel and handicapped children residing
on Indian lands, the funds must be used to meet the needs of those children.
Also, school districts serving Indian children must adopt policies and
procedures assuring that there is parental involvement in planning appro-
priate programs for these students* In general, funds are commingled with
State, local, and other resources that are used for general operating expenses
which benefit all students.

Administrative Responsibility for Section 6 Funds: The Department of Educa-
tion retains administrative responsibility for Section 6 even though funds
have been appropriated to the Defense Department since 1982. Section 6
authorizes payments to Federal agencies or local educational agencies to
educate children who reside on Federal property when no LEA is able, because
of legal or other reasons, to provide a suitable free public education for
these children*


A.  Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984, the Department's principal objective with respect to this
program was to implement the provisions of the Appropriations Act for
FY 1984, P.L. 98-139.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments

Priority funding was given to "a" districts if "a" pupils were 20 percent or
more of the 1984 total ADA, as required by the law. New regulations were
published governing the establishment of local contribution rates, a key
factor in determining an LEA's entitlement and payment under Section 3.ical and mental health, social